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Supporting our Armed Forces

Our Charity engages with young people across the Nation to inform them of our Armed Forces heritage from WW1, WW2 to the current day, we believe it is important to remember 365 days a year!


Colin MacLachlan

I am proud to be the Patron of ASA Scotland Charity

Colin Maclachlan is a former SAS soldier with over 25 years of security and risk related experience, best known for appearing in Channel 4’s SAS: Who Dares Wins and Channel 5’s Secrets of the SAS.

Colin was involved in some of the most high profile and daring SAS missions in recent time. Only a handful of men have been involved in hostage negotiations, hostage rescue and been a hostage themselves and Colin is one of them.

On one mission, Colin waded through swamps in Sierra Leone to hunt down the ‘West Side Boys‘, a guerrilla gang holding 11 British soldiers hostage. It was a mission so dangerous they nicknamed it ‘Operation Certain Death’ – it’s real name was Operation Barras. The SAS teams secured the hostages’ building and neutralised any West Side Boys.

Maclachlan was also the first sniper on the scene when a hijacked flight with 180 passengers landed at Stansted. Sparking a four-day stand-off, it was the longest standing hostage siege on UK soil to date. Four years later, Colin found himself on the other side of a rescue mission after he was taken hostage in Basra. Blindfolded, battered and stripped naked, he had a gun pressed to his head and the trigger pulled, as his captors held mock executions. Colin only survived long enough for British troops to rescue him because the terrorists wanted to film his suffering in a propaganda video before they executed him.

Colin left the SAS shortly after completing an exchange programme with Delta Force and Seal Team 6, and has since provided security consultancy for the Saudi Royal Family, Celebrities, and US Media Networks.

Colin has a First Class MA (Hons.) in History from Edinburgh University and an M.Litt in Terrorism from St. Andrews University.

I now visit businesses and organisations across the United Kingdom and raise funds for charities. Get in touch to book Colin for your event.


John Jenkins

I truly believe every generation must understand the role of our Armed Forces and how they have shaped our Nation, from WW1, WW2 to the current day.

We owe it to our Veterans and to the men and women who serve in our Royal Force, British Army and the Royal Air Force today. If we dont understand our past, we may be doomed to repeat history. It is every person's duty to pass on the torch of remembrance, 365 days a year. We need your support, if you have the time, why not join us!


Our Trustee's

Ambassador Alexander Stewart MBE MSP 
Chairman John Jenkins
Secretary Tommy Davidson
John Knox


Our Ambassadors

Alexander Stewart MBE MSP

Anas Sarwar MSP

Alison Moodie OBE 

Provost Tom Kerr

Provost Watson McAteer

Willie Henderson

Alan Brydon

John Knox 

Harry Day 



We are inclusive and welcome people from all backgrounds to our membership. We learn and share our Armed Forces heritage from the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth. We have more in common that unites us than divides us. Please get in touch, if you can assist and support our work.


Who We Are and What We Do

We are a voluntary charity, who visits schools/community group's across the Nation, we ensure young people fully understand the role of our Armed Forces.

ASA Scotland Charity, located in Scotland, we are dedicated to supporting our Armed Forces. We engage with schools, cadet forces, communities, Veteran's, Clergy, Councils, and our Armed Forces. We remember our Armed Forces history, those who have served, past, present, and future.


School visits

Passing on our Armed Forces heritage

To ensure our young people fully understand our local and National Armed Forces history that has shaped our Nation from WW1 and WW2. Ensuring every child understands the role of our Armed Forces today.


Community EVENTS

Battle of Passchendaele 1917-2017

We held a parade, Church Service, and a Reception supported by West Lothian Council. Her Majesty's Lord-Lieutenant Ms Moira Niven MBE was our guest of honour, supported by 6 SCOTS and the Lowland Band of the Royal Regiment of Scotland.

Poppy Cadets.jpg

Delivering National best practice

"Nominated for Queen's Award Voluntary Service 2020"


Remembrance is every day

Bravery, Heroism, Valour

One of the main reasons ASA Scotland Charity was founded in 2016, was to bring our history from the Battlefields of Belgium and France to the classroom and communities across the Nation, as many children and families will never see them in their lifetime. If you would like to volunteer or even join, do get in touch.


Local factual history

Children love learning about our Armed Forces

One of our goals is to ensure our Armed Forces heritage is never forgotten and that our young people fully understand the price we have paid to defend our freedom, liberty, and way of life. Contact us to learn more or to book a visit.

"Nominated for Queen's Award Voluntary Service 2020"


Learning our Armed Forces heritage

Visiting the Sea, Army, and Air Cadets, sharing our Armed Forces heritage.


Sea Cadets

Learning about the Armed Forces

In 2018 and 2019, we visited the Sea Cadets, Army Cadets and Air Cadets, teaching them about WW1, WW2 and of the Armed Forces today.



Supporting our Army Cadets

In 2018 and 2019 we visited a number of Army Cadet Units to share our Armed Forces heritage.

"Nominated for Queen's Award Voluntary Service 2020"


Learning our Armed Forces heritage

Visiting the Sea, Army, and Air Cadets, sharing our Armed Forces heritage.


Air Cadets

Learning about the Armed Forces

In 2018 and 2019 we visited the Air Cadets, sharing our Armed Forces heritage.


Local factual history

Visiting local graves

In every town and City there are Military graves, we research, we learn, we understand, we pay our respects, we pass on the Remembrance torch, to the next generation.

"Nominated for Queen's Award Voluntary Service 2020"



We must never forget those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice for Sovereign and Nation from WW1, WW2 to the current day


Lt Col Gary Tait MBE

We will always remember our dear friend Lt Col Gary Tait MBE, who was our Patron from 2016 until he passed away in 2019, age 52, after a brave battle against cancer. 


Our promise to Gary

To continue engaging with schools, cadets forces, communities, Veteran's, Organisation's and our Armed Forces. Tell the factual story of the McCrae's Sporting Battalion. Alway's remember from WW1, WW2 to the current day.

"Nominated for Queen's Award Voluntary Service 2020"

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Thiepval Memorial, France

We Will Remember Them